Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre

Global Orient are members of The Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre, the flagship project of the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association, that aims to be a regional wireless and mobile applications hub in Asia Pacific to attract investments and talents from around the world. The Centre has acquired support from the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), HKSAR, quasi-government organizations, and all parties in the wireless industry. Covering 3000 square feet, it comprises well-equipped software development suites and a spacious product display area at Cyberport, a symbolic representation of leading edge Information Technology (IT) and Hong Kong as a digital city.

Stop Spam Logo
Hong Kong Anti-Spam Coalition

Global Orient is a founding member of the Hong Kong Anti-Spam Coalition. This is a collaborative industry organization dedicated to combating the problem of spam through technology, legislation, industry cooperation and market education. Global Orient sees a spam-free internet as an essential component of the Networked Economy Exchange.